Joe Public Doesn’t Care about Your Hospital by Chris Bevolo

Minneapolis health care marketing firm Interval (now part of ReviveHealth) was looking to raise its profile with health care marketing executives and health care influencers.

To achieve this, over a period of two years, Helena partnered with Interval’s president Chris Bevolo to identify, pitch, and secure speaking engagements with national and regional health care marketing¬†organizations and pitch, edit, and place articles and guest blog posts, as well as interviews in local business publications.

Through this process, Interval became known for its point of view on transforming health care marketing, which led to the development of Bevolo’s first trade book titled Joe Public Doesn’t Caer About Your Hospital, (Rockbench, 2011), which Helena also edited and helped promote.

The book, originally a hardcover, is out of print but is available in a variety of e-versions at this link (registration required).

Contact the Author: Chris Bevolo | Revive Health | | 612.868.5084

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