[Photo] Helena Bouchez, CEO Book Strategist and Co-Writer

You know that book? The one that would drive your business forward…confirm your expertise…educate and inspire your readers and spur them to action?

My clients have used the books we create together to turn leads into hot prospects, attract the attention of acquiring companies, and turn speaking opportunities into business development bonanzas.

Helena Bouchez, here. I’m a book strategist and co-writer who works primarily with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts. My super power is getting the great book that is in your head out and into the world—with a minimum of effort on your part.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and C-suiters exclusively for over 20 years. My proven process allows me get the book out of you and into the world…without disrupting your already insane schedule. BONUS: Writing a book with me is actually a pretty fun and energizing experience…or so I hear. (Yes, I said fun. But don’t take it from me…read on…)

Jack Tester, author of On the Shoulders of Giants: “There is no way I could have created a book while still working full time without her expertise and counsel. I can’t encourage potential writers enough to partner with Helena on your book project. It will be twice as fun and get done in half the time.”

Al Levi, author of The 7-Power Contractor: “Putting a book together? Need guidance through the maze? Helena is who you want on your team. She’s not just a great writer but a business story teller. And she understands the tie of writing to marketing.”

Ellen Rohr, author of Soaring with Eagles: “The process of working with her was so easy, so much easier than the struggle I was going through. So do yourself a favor: do what Helena tells you to do. Let her help you get that book out of you and onto the page and to honor — your story or someone else’s. Thanks Helena!”

Is this you? Books are good for business. Let’s get yours done. Contact me: helena@executivewords.com

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