Books Drive Business. Let’s Get Yours Done.

You know that book? The one that would drive your business forward…confirm your expertise…educate and inspire your readers and spur them to action? Now is the time.

My clients have used the books we created together to turn leads into real prospects, attract attention of acquiring companies, and turn speaking opportunities into business development bonanzas.

Helena Bouchez, here. I’m a book strategist and co-writer who works primarily with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts. My super power is getting the great book that is in your head out and into the world—with a minimum of effort on your part.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and C-suiters exclusively for over 20 years. My proven process allows me get the book out of you and into the world…without disrupting your already insane schedule. Writing a book with me is actually a pretty fun and energizing experience…or so I hear. (Yes, I said fun. But don’t take it from me…

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Books are a powerful tool you can use to drive your business forward and if you’re like most of my clients what you will learn in the process of organizing your thoughts and seeing them in one place as a body of work will benefit you as a leader in ways you can’t imagine.

If this is on your bucket list, let’s chat: helena@executivewords.com

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