Developmental Editing: Book on Marketing the Life Sciences by Industry Expert

An industry expert on marketing the life sciences, who was used to writing academic and peer-reviewed papers, came to me for help assembling dozens of individual articles into a trade book that could be used as a marketing tool.

Developmental Editing Support

Over a period of 10 months, I worked with this author to organize the flow of the book and help him make the ideas more accessible to his target audience of marketers, most of whom were not scientists. I delivered a finished manuscript, which was reviewed and approved by a line editor with very few notes and changes. The book went on to be published by a small imprint out of Nashville, Tennessee.


I contacted the author some time after the book’s publication to ask if it had driven business and this is what he said:

The book has been instrumental in driving new business.

One example: I got invited to a large multi-national company to talk about doing work with them. I walked in the room and the person who called the meeting said, “Do you want to know why you’re here?”

I told her “Of course.”

And then she said, “I was on vacation, sitting on the beach, reading this book, and thinking to myself, ‘this is exactly what we need.’ And I turned the book over, and there was your picture, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, there are people out there that do this for a living.’ So, that’s why your here.”


While I usually get a shout out in the Acknowledgements section, I also can work completely behind the scenes to make your book the best it can be with out public recognition.

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