Guerrilla Data Analysis for Microsoft Excel 2nd Edition Excel 2010/2013 by Oz du Soleil and Bill Jelen

When Oz du Soleil, an Excel MVP, was selected to update a beloved book on Excel, he knew it would be a game changer for him. The problem was he was having trouble juggling his demanding client load with his need to spend large focused chunks of time writing to get the book done on time.

Book Coaching

By the time he called me, the publisher’s first content deadline was fast approaching and he was justifiably afraid he was not going to make it.

We came up with a micro coaching approach, which enabled Oz to break the writing down into manageable chunks. We set up rewards for meeting milestones (one was a good cigar and some high-priced spirits over ice).

The result was Oz met all of his interim deadlines and actually delivered the book just ahead of time. He and his publisher were both very happy.

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