The AI Marketing Canvas: A five stage roadmap to implementing artificial intelligence in Marketing by Raj Venkatesan and Jim Lecinski

Recognizing a gap in the books and articles on AI and Machine Learning as it pertains to marketing, Raj Venkatesan, Ronald Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration, Darden Business School at the University of Virginia and Jim Lecinski, Clinical Associate Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, teamed to write The AI Marketing Canvas: A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, which aims to provide a reference frame for marketers to include AI in their customer and brand strategy and provide an “AI Canvas” marketing managers can use to transition their traditional marketing strategies to AI driven marketing strategies. Published by Stanford University Press on May 18, 2021.


To establish the controlling idea (aka the “north star”) of the book, a discovery engagement was initiated which resulted in a controlling idea statement, book mission statement, and a working table of contents.


Participated in weekly calls (10 months) to hone book concept based on the authors’ thought leadership and the feedback they received from numerous presentations on the topic to the primary target audience of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and others.


Contributed to research; provided guidance on content sequencing; suggested adjustments in chapter contents based on how the material unfolded; assisted authors with the construction and writing/editing of chapters.


Created and facilitated the maintenance of tracking documents to provide easy retrieval of hundreds of research sources.


Worked with the authors to craft a robust book proposal that resulted in serious consideration by three top tier academic publishers.

Publisher Coordination

Worked with acquiring editor from Stanford University Press to ensure permissions and other production requirements were met.

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