Home Service Millionaire: How I Went from $50,000 in Debt to a $30+ Million Business in 7 Years by Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello is the owner and operator of A1 Garage Door Service, the host of the Home Service Expert podcast, and owner, partner, or investor in 14 other businesses ranging from Christmas lights to real estate to mobile apps. He had an existing book that he wanted to take to the next level.


To make sure we were aligned on what the controlling idea of the re-visioned book was and what the new book should contain, a discovery engagement was initiated where we evaluated the current book and conducted several interviews with Tommy and his marketing and sales team to fully understand his vision for the book and what he wanted to achieve with it.


Deconstructed the original book and reworked it to the working table of contents. Interviewed author and consumed other relevant content (podcasts and articles) to fill in gaps. Recommended strategic structural changes from original book to improve sequencing and flow of ideas. Integrated approximately 7,500 words of expert interviews into book in a way that did not disrupt the reader experience.


Conducted interviews with top industry professionals including Ara Mahdessian, CEO Service Titan; Ellen Rohr, President, Business Un-Complicated; Al Levi, author The 7-Power Contractor; Craig Smith, COO HomeAdvisor; Darryl Margaux and Matt Glickman, Cofounders of SearchKings; Mike Davis, CEO, Valpak; Marc Levesquie, Cofounder, Webrunner Media; Erica Leonor, Power Selling Pros; Financing expert Darius Lyvers, COO F. H. Furr; Brian Kaskavalciyan, gFour Marketing Group; Service agreement expert Jaime DiDomenico, CEO CoolToday; and Fred Silberstein and Brian Cohen, SF&P Advisors.


In addition to delivering a finished manuscript worthy of serious consideration from a top publisher, we also assisted the author with the following tasks:

  • Book back cover copy and copy for Amazon page
  • Set up and population of Amazon Author page
  • Content for the book launch website
  • Management of copy editor or book designer to produce book cover, interior, audio book cover and supporting graphics
  • Set up and upload of the book on KDP (formerly CreateSpace)
  • Purchase of a block of ISBNs from myidentifiers.com
  • Set up of the book on Ingram Spark to facilitate ordering by bookstores and enable author easy access to hard cover version of the book.
  • Coordination of audio book recording including recommending studio and engineer.
  • Assistance putting audio files up on ACX.com
  • Set up and monitoring of preorder through Amazon Advantage
  • Set up of Amazon Affiliate links
  • Researched and assisted author in adding seven additional Amazon categories per book type (paperback and e-book) to improve reach.

Home Service Millionaire was released on December 3, 2018 and was an instant Amazon best seller and #1 new release in five categories.