How to Narrate Your Own Book—Resource 3 of 3

Listening to a book narrated by its author makes for a much more intimate experience than reading the print version.

And, if I know if I am moved by the audio version, I will turn around and purchase the print book so I can stay connected to the impact the book had on me.

So if you’re still on the fence about whether you need an audio book…that’s OK. Just know if you don’t create this version, you are missing an opportunity to connect with your reader on a much deeper level.

See, I believe that each of our voices has a unique vibration that can never be duplicated by a machine. And it has the power to resonate with another person’s spirit and move them emotionally. And when we feel moved, we feel more alive. And people love it when someone makes them feel that way.

I’ve heard bibs and bobs about the big course (haven’t seen it—yet) but here’s one thing I do know: it’s no joke. You’ll need to manufacture the time to go through it and learn all the things. But once we do…you (and I) will have the ability to double the potential impact of our art by ensuring that it can be experienced in both of these formats.

The course is open for registration. There are some very cool early action bonuses that will be available for just a couple of days. And I’ll be throwing in a bonus of my own as well.

So, go here and at least look at what all is included.

The free course is done so if you want to learn an insane amount of additional information about the production process you’ll have to check out the course. It includes a handy trick I never thought of about how to create a book trailer in about 15 minutes using a free app I’m already using with another client. (Cue the “Duh!”)

If you’re an author, fiction or non-fiction, published or about to be, the NYOB course will give you the information you need to energize this project.

Click here to check out the NYOB course

OK, all for now. Hit the link above to see and purchase the full course. I’m so excited!

P.S. I need to get a short read (12,000 words, 40 pages) together asap and get it up on KDP so I have something to work with. It’ll probably be an abridged version of the one I’m working on about how to work successfully with a co-writer (aka ghostwriter). Thoughts? -hb

P.P.S. Please forward this to any fellow author you know who could benefit from this information.