It’s Already Been Done…But Not by You

“This is the third business book I’ve done for you and I have to tell you…they’re all so different!” This is a direct quote from my rock star copy editor Candice, upon completing work on my last book project, Home Service Millionaire by Tommy Mello.

Yes. They are. But why? The principles are basically the same.

  • Create a strategy and plan for where you want the business to go.
  • Put some operating procedures into place so everyone is doing stuff the same way.
  • Get your financial $%^&*! together so you know what is going on.
  • Invest in training the people who are performing the services you offer and manage them well.
  • Create and execute a marketing plan and devise a way to measure what is and is not working.
  • Have a repeatable sales process and sales goals.
  • Train and incentivize your sales people to sell more, better.

Am I right?

Here’s the thing: the principles may be the same but your take on them is going to be 100 percent unique because there is only one you with your unique experiences, background, and quirky personality. As long as you write about the topic from your perspective, it will be unique. In fact, if you do that, uniqueness is pretty much inevitable.

I like to use this example: Let’s say there are five equally qualified business experts who are speaking on the exactly same topic. Even if the outline of what they were going to cover was exactly the same, you’d naturally gravitate toward one or two of them. Maybe it’s their witty repartee; or their command of the topic; their undeniable depth of expertise; or you just like their style. Or a combination thereof.

I’d further venture that if those five people stood up there and said the exact same thing there would still be one person whose message you resonated with more than the others. (Think: theater auditions.) But the reason for that, I believe goes deeper. According to my great teacher Goswami Kriyananda, it’s because when you are sharing your knowledge, you actually are also teaching with your vibration!

I’m experiencing this now in a group led by LinkedIn expert Karen Yankovich. Karen’s main jam is helping you get business (or a job) through a very elegant use of LinkedIn. Her approach is great but what made me able to act on it was her ability to communicate the potential around what my business could be if I actually did the stuff she prescribed. I got excited! That caused me to lean in and commit to the process and what you need to know about me is that when I commit like this I pretty much always get my goal—or something better! Karen being Karen blasted me out of stasis and inspired me to embrace a bigger vision for my book writing business.

The point is, expertise is essential but it’s your vibe—your choice of words, your phrasing, you being you while communicating your wisdom and expertise —that will allow your readers to connect with and embrace what you have to say. Including readers who have heard a specific business principle 100 times but just don’t “get it” until they hear it in a certain way from the right person. Share your gifts! Because that “right person” may just be you.

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