The Senselessness of Expecting Bad Writing to Convince Prospects Your Offering is Good

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The sophistication and quality of your communications must equal or exceed that of your offerings and level of expertise. Or else.

The content on your website or blog has two main jobs:

1. To confirm your expertise to the prospect who has seen your work or who has been referred there by one of your clients or evangelists and 2. to get your firm found by those searching the Internet for the solutions you provide.

For content to do its job well,  it needs to accurately reflect the quality and sophistication of your offerings, and it needs to have a distinct point of view.

Writing that is not up to par (irrelevant, and/or in a voice and tone that is too casual or navel-gazing) results in a brand disconnect. This incongruence can hinder and sometimes even erase the trust of a prospective client and keep them from taking that next step in moving closer to working with you. Sub-par content also can discourage referrals by making people leery about directing people to your website/blog at all.

When it comes to content and getting found via search, the stated goal of increasingly discerning Google algorithms is to bubble the best, highest value content to the top of search results. These algorithms already are extremely sophisticated and already border on AI. And Google’s ability to discern unique and valuable content will only increase over time.

Every piece of content you publish is a thread in a larger immortal tapestry that will ultimately define you. The time to make sure the written content you’re weaving into it is the best that it can be, is now.