Better Business Writing Basics — Class

Business Writing Basics Class | $108

Four weeks that will change how you think about writing, forever.

This class is four informative, interactive and inspiring one-hour sessions and one 30-minute individual coaching session that will change the way you think about and approach the process of business writing, forever. (At least that’s what our students say.)

Your instructor: Professional writer and executive writing coach, Helena Bouchez.

Did you know? Rambling, typo-laden, and otherwise troubled writing are often symptoms of issues more related to the process of writing than knowledge of grammar or vocabulary.

In our Business Writing Basics class, you will learn:

  1. A simple process for writing you can use to make your message clearer and more actionable.
  2. How to apply this process to a variety of business communications such as emails, reports and presentations.
  3. Structures and strategies that you can use to increase accuracy and along with it your overall confidence wrangling the written word.

What you get:

  1. Inspiring classes, four of them, over four consecutive weeks conducted via teleseminar and shared Google documents.
  2. Fun, interactive homework assignments (and an excuse to meet new people).
  3. One 30-minute private writing coaching session with Helena, conducted via Skype or phone and shared Google document.
  4. Unlimited email access to your coach for quick questions or clarifications about class work.
  5. Complementary copy of Helena’s Business Writing Basics e-book containing advanced information, resources, and tips.

We are limiting the size of these classes to just eight students each. This will make it easier for people to connect with each other and ensure we can provide everyone with fair amount of individual attention.

To bring this virtual class to your organization, please contact us.

If a class doesn’t fit your needs or you want more personalized attention than the class provides, consider our 30-Day Business Writing Makeover.