From Big Idea to Book in Hand

“The idea of writing a book was daunting. I had never authored anything other than a few trade journal articles. However, Helena made writing a book not only less daunting but fun. She helped shape my thoughts and put the content in a logical order. From structure, ghostwriting, editing, layout, design–even printing and creating an audio version–Helena was there to assist and bring in experts when needed. There is no way I could have created a book while still working full time without her expertise and counsel. I can’t encourage potential writers enough to partner with Helena on your book project. It will be twice as fun and get done in half the time.”

Jack Tester, CEO, Nexstar NetworkInc., and author of On the Shoulders of Giants: Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Business Development That Transformed an Industry

Great Writer and Business Storyteller

“Putting a book together? Need guidance through the maze? Helena is who you want on your team. She’s not just a great writer but a business story teller. And she understands the tie of writing to marketing.”

Al Levi, business consultant, educator, and author of The 7-Power Contractor: Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress and More Success

The Book Got Done!


“Frank Blau is my mentor and I love, love, love him, and he had asked me to help him write his biography. I did all the interviews and got all this information, and I could not pull a book together. Years went by and my integrity was on the line! I was soooo frustrated. Luckily, I found Helena. She helped me get this book done and on the page. The process of working with her was so easy, so much easier than the struggle I was going through. So do yourself a favor: do what Helena tells you to do. Let her help you get that book out of you and onto the page and to honor — your story or someone else’s. Thanks Helena!” Watch the video testimonial here.

Ellen Rohr, CEO of Zoom Drain Franchise Company, and author of Soaring with Eagles: The Life and Legacy of Frank J. Blau Jr.

Before the Deadline

“If you don’t know the world of writing a book, it’s common to miss deadlines and ultimately not have a book at all! With Helena’s coaching, I was able to deliver my book before the original deadline.”

Oz du Soleil, Microsoft Excel MVP, Excel trainer and speaker, and author of Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, 2nd Edition

 Great Partner to Work With

“Helena is a great partner to work with. Unlike a lot of writers, she goes to great lengths to understand what you and your company stand for before beginning her work. This foundational understanding guides her as she works in partnership with you to create communications that are meaningful to your audience and that inspire them to act. Helena’s genuinely curious nature also makes the process fun and engaging. Some of my best conversations about my vision have been with her.”

Rob Hawse, President and Chief Creative Officer, CRAFTED