Strategic Point of View and Messaging Development

“‘Executive Words’ Helena Bouchez has been instrumental in the The Good’s ability to communicate our expertise in the active lifestyle industry through thought leadership activities such as weekly insight articles, quarterly research reports, and even the formation of a book. Helena’s magic is her ability to distill our team’s thoughts down to a single point, and then make that point as clearly as possible, all while teaching us “how to fish” so we’re constantly learning and improving our ability to communicate effectively with our market at each touchpoint.”

Jon MacDonald, President, The Good

“With Helena, we were able to distill and translate the essence of our various stated missions, positioning statements and messaging into a focused, sustainable marketing strategy that is now driving content creation with a purpose and point of view that is uniquely Duo’s.”

Michael Silverman, CEO, Duo Consulting

Business Storytelling and Content Creation

“Helena’s deep understanding of the marketing industry, her extensive marketing vocabulary, and her talent as a writer enables her to convert raw message points — often delivered on the fly — into compelling, valuable and enduring digital assets.  Maybe even more critical, she patiently worked with me through a hectic period in EDO’s growth and her passion for EDO was on par with an FTE.”

Mark Marinacci, then CRO of EDO Interactive.

“Helena is a wordsmith by trade, but has many talents of a creative director. She has the uncanny ability to understand where a brand is, needs to go, and what it takes to get there. During a complete website overhaul, Helena inspired many of the overall design choices while serving as a thorough and adaptive copywriter. You can expect professionalism, ingenuity and delivery working with her.”

— Jonathan Holston, then Senior Analyst, EDO Interactive

“Having experienced premier organizations throughout my career there is a challenge finding partners with the ability to understand my business not only the broad strokes but really understand the details and add tangible value — quickly. Helena consistently met and won those challenges with great creativity with a level of professionalism rarely found, I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

G.M., VP, Executive Search Firm