Helena B Communications is now Executive Words

If you landed on this page, you were probably looking for helenabcommunications.com. Executive Words is the same entity, we’ve just changed our name and narrowed our focus to reflect what we’re actually known for and what we do best. Ready?

>Welcome to  EXECUTIVE WORDS (formerly Helena B Communications).

Executive Words provides sound boarding, concept development, and business storytelling along with writing, writing coaching, and consulting services to executives looking to clarify and give form to their vision and strategic ideas and turn them into enduring assets that drive business. Read what clients are saying.

Sound interesting?  Contact us. (609.564.0426)

>You also might want to check out HELENABOUCHEZ.COM

Whereas Executive Words is extremely focused on helping executives get their ideas out and into the marketplace where they can create value, HelenaBouchez.com is my public laboratory, where I conduct experiments and write about my main interests which are (in no particular order) writing and storytelling, 19th century history, specifically Wyoming 1865-1890 and Belgium/France Pays Noir region coal miners/mining, genealogy, psychology, ADHD, systems of living, birds, Detroit, bass playing and bass players, and all things baseball (especially Phillies).

Lately, I’ve been posting stories about my ancestors based on things I’ve learned from my ongoing genealogy research.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Helena Bouchez
Principal, Executive Words and Chief Life Scientist, Helena Bouchez & Co.