Helena Bouchez with laptop at coffee shopHelena Bouchez helps people turn their big ideas into books that work.

“I have been reading and writing voraciously pretty much since the first grade so when I couldn’t seem to get through any of the newer books I picked up, I thought something was wrong with me!

Then, I finally came across a newer book that really worked and I devoured it! A light bulb went on. It wasn’t me! It was the book. And I had the ability to help fix it.

My mantra since then has been “more good books by more good people,” and my mission is to seek out those good people and help them write good, enduring books that will inspire and entertain readers now and in the future. I just shipped my eighth book and it is still the most rewarding work I have ever done.”

Helena Bouchez, Principal, Executive Words


Helena is a certified Story Grid Editor, an innovative developmental editing approach learned directly from its creator, 25-year publishing industry veteran Shawn Coyne. The Story Grid is a comprehensive tool that helps authors write better books and editors better guide their authors. Helena has also studied with story master Robert McKee and is a product of his life-changing four-day Story Seminar. She holds a BA in art from the College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts at Wayne State University in Detroit.

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