Wish You Could Get Your Book Written? Bet You Do.

Books are new business game changers.

When done correctly, a business book makes your expertise tangible and helps prospective clients and influencers to understand the value your expertise has created for others.

  • If not having a book has become an obstacle to business development
  • If you have accumulated a pile of research, content, and notes but you still aren’t sure what the book is really about or you just don’t know what to do next
  • If you have a manuscript that is almost done but something is stopping you from finishing it

Executive Words can help.

Need to  re-ignite your enthusiasm for writing a book? Find a way to stay engaged and interested enough in an existing project to see it through to completion? Contact us.

We combine coaching, messaging, writing and developmental editing capabilities to provide you with just the right mixture of oomph and clarity you need to get your book done and out the door.

A few of the books we’ve helped bring into the world:

We’ve also served as a true behind the scenes ghostwriter for books on topics such as leadership and personal development, as well as books and papers on marketing and design for a variety of industries including life sciences and manufacturing.

Ready to get unstuck and feel the deep sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a book? Let’s chat.

Email helena at executivewords dot com to schedule your complementary, no obligation 30-minute consultation. You’ll be glad you did.